Taking a Tour of The Vader Project


(photo by Kristen DelValle)

Walking through The Vader Project exhibit at Celebration IV is like taking a stroll through a Darth Vader tribute done by the coolest lowbrow and urban artists on the planet. Frank Kozik, Paul Frank Sunich, Marc Ecko and Urban Medium (among numerous others) gave Darth Vader’s helmet a hipster makeover. As fans walk through the exhibit they can see the artist’s own unique style featured on each helmet. Whether it’s a Tiki-inspired design from Shag or a girlie 1940’s style pinup from Marc Ecko — it’s apparent each artist took time to pay special tribute to the headwear of the Sith.

Artist Mitch O’Connell
was easily persuaded to participate in the project. “When Dov Kelemer (curator of The Vader Project), sent me the list of everyone else that was involved, and if someone thinks I belong in that group of hot-shots, who am I to disagree? I just made it all happy with beautiful gals. Nothing says “M.O’C” more than that!”

To see O’Connell’s helmet and many others, see all of our photos of The Vader Project exhibit here.

For more information on The Vader Project, click here.

And be sure to check out The Vader Project profile here on Myspace.com.

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21 Responses to Taking a Tour of The Vader Project

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  6. […] I’d like to have seen this. At Celebration IV (a Star Wars con) there was an exhibit of Darth Vader helmets as done by 66 awesome artists – with brows both high and low (and sometimes in these days, […]

  7. maurobindo says:

    Man, I wish this exhibition could come to Portugal…
    It would be a tremendous sucess, that´s for sure. Congratulations for the great work, and to all the artists.

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  9. anikinsolo says:

    well… it is the 30th year for star wars, but why a Vader project?

  10. anikinsolo says:


  11. LAURA81750 says:



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  14. […] The Star Wars booth was all about art this year. Bantha Tracks is the fan publication that started when the first film came out. I have the first issue of the fan publication since I joined the fan club and have been a card carrying member ever since. Here is a display of fan art that Bantha Tracks has been collecting over the years. You could also see fan films projected on the big screens above the booth and enjoy a series of Darth Vader masks done up by different artists, like the Cow Parade. It’s called the Vader Project. […]

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  16. Dark Jedi 65 says:

    I went to London,and I saw the exhibition.It is amazing,sometimes funny,sometimes beautifull.All the productions are original and interresting.

  17. A M says:

    For everyone who can’t get enough of The Vader Project, the summer issue of Moving Pictures Magazine is a real treat. A Special Still Life article takes you up close to the exhibit’s stunning works of art with huge, full page photos of Darth Vader. Look for it on newsstands starting August 20th.

    See: http://www.movingpicturesmagazine.com

  18. Take my breath away says:

    Wow. Vader is awsome and this is just a brilliant exhibition.

  19. […] sampling of the head-turning Vader Project art exhibit. Photo by Bonnie Burton. Take a tour of The Vader Project here. Read more at the Official Celebration IV […]

  20. Andy says:

    Oh, and did not know about it. Thanks for the information …

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