Pre-tour of the Lucasfilm Archives at CIV

Fans who saunter into the  Lucasfilm Archives Exhibit today (room 403B) will find a rare batch of models, props and costumes stretching all the way back to the formative years of the Star Wars saga. Han’s Hoth coat is here (finally putting to rest the long-debated blue coat/brown  coat question) as well as the full Fett (Boba) armor, Luke’s severed Vader’s head from his Dagobah cave confrontation, a collection of Padme dresses, Vader helmets, lightsabers, and lots more.

 A rare treat is the handful of early concept models fashioned by Colin Cantwell back in 1975/76, when the familiar designs we’re all used to were not yet fully realized — don’t miss the saucer-shaped landspeeder and the battleship-inspired Star Destroyer (at the time, I called the “mystery” model a possible windmill or the like — these were actually the power capacitors from the Imperial bunker in Jedi). Here’s a few rare glimpses before the show during set-up.

[splashcast fyxj2808oz]

4 Responses to Pre-tour of the Lucasfilm Archives at CIV

  1. Larry says:

    Hello – totally enjoyed the video coverage – but one correction- the tarnished silver droid in the plexi-case is NOT MEDICAL DROID 21B – it is the tortured interpreter protocol droid from JABBA’s sail barge in ROTJ. In the scene when R2 and 3PO are brought down in the dungeon below JABBA’s main audience chamber.

  2. Chris says:

    The “windmills” seem to be the electrical towers in the Endor shield generator. They can be seen in the scene where the rebels enter the control room and the imperial officer (played by Ben Burtt) is pushed over the rail.

  3. Chris says:

    Sorry about repeating information. I just read the information at the top of the page. Either way, thanks for informing all the fans who can’t be there, Pabawan.

  4. pvilmur says:

    Larry — yes, I noticed the 21B error after reviewing the footage and putting it in context with the other items. I was just too lazy to make the correction in my original description. Thanks for the sharp eye!

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