Media Release: History Channel to Reveal Star Wars Legacy at CIV

This just in from the wire:

The History Channel® to Reveal Star Wars™ Legacy at Celebration IV

The History Channel® will be in full force at Celebration IV with a 45-minute sneak peak preview of its highly anticipated new documentary, STAR WARS™: THE LEGACY REVEALED.

Be among the first to preview this monumental program during the world’s largest Star Wars party at 3 p.m. Sunday, May 27, on the Concourse Stage.

Through interviews with a diverse array of high-profile Star Wars fans (including Peter Jackson, Dan Rather and Kevin Smith) the special, which premieres on The History Channel® May 28 at 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific /8 p.m. Central, explores the enduring impact and mythic underpinnings of the Star Wars saga.

And, don’t miss out on scoring a pack of The Legacy Revealed Cards from The History Channel®. Destined to be a collectible, The Legacy Revealed Cards feature Star Wars™ icons and, right before your eyes, reveal the historical connections that are explored in The History Channel program. Get a pack during the screening; or stop by the Celebration IV Store anytime over the weekend for a complimentary pack (while supplies last).

The History Channel® also wants to remind you that the celebration doesn’t stop on May 28. Enter The Legacy Revealed Sweepstakes and you could win a trip to Star Wars™ Celebration Europe, the largest official Star Wars™ event in Europe. Only The History Channel is offering fans in the US this exclusive opportunity! Enter May 16 through June 3 at (Lucasfilm Ltd. is not a sponsor of this sweepstakes. See official rules for details.)

The History Channel is a proud sponsor of the Behind the Scenes Stage at Celebration IV.


3 Responses to Media Release: History Channel to Reveal Star Wars Legacy at CIV

  1. MO2YP says:

    I watched most of this last night and taped the rest (jet-lag from being at C-4 was getting to me 😉 )

    It was incredible. My husband (who is not a big SW fan) watched it with me and I said to him: “Now do you get why I love SW so much? It’s not just the movies themselves, but the themes and archetype relationships that deepen the story!!” Great job to the History Channel and all who worked on this presentation. 😀

  2. Clone124 says:

    I watched it twice, not bad, but I was suprised no one else had any star wars shows on this weekend. Does the sci-fi channel know star wars has been around for 30 years?

  3. MomOf2YoungPadawan (MO2YP) says:

    I know what you mean, Clone124…it seems a lot of other channels could have jumped on the bandwagon, but just didn’t. Not sure why?!

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